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08 avril 2011

A notch further

I have to confess I had tears of joy, I cried when I opened the link I have been hoping for such a project for a while.
I believe it is the right path, it is what our world needs to solve major global issues.
The right formula, the (technical) solution seems to have been found.
What is missing now – rather non-technical – is a critical mass of people who will think about these issues. [And I insist on the word ‘think’ VS ‘write’, or ‘click’, or ‘comment’, or use a platform. Just thinking would be enough.]
A critical mass has to be cultivated.
It can be achieved by training government officials first.
When government leaders from around the world will learn
how the human mind works and what it does,
When they will make a link between the rise of social media,
open government platforms and the power of collective consciousness,
When government leaders will understand
what is the nature of collective consciousness,
When they will learn how to manage with consciousness the collective consciousness,
When they will unite their voices (it could be a few spokesmen) and repeat in every way possible the same message – ‘We need your help’, ‘We ask for your collaboration’, ‘This month, we want to focus on this problem, please give us a hand’.
When this will happen, we will see a transformation.
A shift in collective consciousness will occur, and problems will get solved.
In the meantime, more countries have to implement open government initiatives, so that more citizens from around the world can take the habit of participating in collective projects.
(Open government) business models are popular. They sell well to government officials. They fit well in budgets.
However, I believe the ultimate use of open government innovative tools is tapping into the wisdom of crowds (the collective consciousness) to find solutions.
Nobody barely ever talks about these things. Yet these things are the very essence of what we are.
I did not expect to see emerge a site as so soon. I thought it would occur in a few years.
In recent months we have seen examples of what social media can do for nations under the yoke of an autocratic government. Several government officials are beginning to realize what social media can do. For example, the deputy mayor of Nantes Jean-Marc Ayrault (ref. this video interview by Simon Robic) said that recent global events had made him understand the importance of social issues. This led him to launch an open data initiative.
We should go a notch further, and teach to government officials how to use the wisdom of crowds.

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