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24 mai 2012

Rewiring shift

In "Europe is at risk of War - What should we do?" (by Vinay Gupta, on Edgeryders), Nick Raaum wrote: "I think the battle ahead of us is to create new forms of corporations that provide more equal acessibility, flater distributions, and are socially and ecologically integrated. Unfortunately I really don't know where we start on that goal..."

My answer to Nick:

MY SUGGESTION: Start by applying the rules of biology and neuroscience to corporate leadership and government management.

By nature, all biological organisms are self-repairing, self-regulating systems. When we hurt ourselves, our bones reattach themselves, our skin heals itself. Arms cut off from the starfish grow back. Lost teeth of the shark grow back. Harvested stems of chives grow back. Wilted flowers are replaced by other buds that bloom in other beautiful flowers. The leaves fall in autumn and snow covers the landscape and forests, and the following spring, nature is reborn in all its splendor. Everywhere around us we see the non-stop to the transfiguration of life. The same return to balance (or consciousness) needs to happen in business and government.

The current model of our society is based on PREDATION, a masculine point of view: conquer, manipulate, dominate, defeat, win. It has worked in the past, but its life is coming to an end. This model has a brute force kind of way, but it is hypersensitive, over-reactive. Given the archaic nature of the present model, it is not surprising that the corporate and institutional worlds are crumbling.

The alternative would be a model governed by more recently evolved and sophisticated areas of the brain, based on HEALING, a feminine point of view: a force acting and pushing the evolution forward, an intelligent and motherly energy which can do no harm. A healing force, always acting in a gentle manner, reservoir of personal power, available to each of us. Given the elevated nature of this model, it would have regenerative and recuperative effects on systems.

My model of a Luminous Man (see Michel Filippi, Des hommes et de notre civilisation) indicates how mankind is evolving and how sophisticated areas of the brain are activated. A biological process producing an organic transformation, carrying the entire race toward a glorious destination. The brain has a potential (yet) unknown to science that can radically change the personality of a human being. Many individuals who are already in this biological process can guide and help scientists, businesses and governments to better understand what it is, what it does, what it means, and how we can apply it to our economic and political systems.

The slow process of upgrading sophisticated areas of the brain, gradual and imperceptible, leads to a radical change in thinking and behavior: abatement of passion, ambition, and desire; diminution of ego and pride; a growing love for fellow human beings, and in impulse for self-introspection, with a growing sense of inner peace and detachment from the world. An unmistakable sobriety in thought and serenity in behavior soon becomes apparent.

Therefore, this evolutionary process creates more noble, more sober, more far-seeing, more sensitive, more compassionate, more loving individuals.

Once that is understood toward what new horizons human beings are tending, by developing the more sophisticated areas of the brain, it becomes possible to model how this Luminous Man will manage businesses and govern nations. It implies a REWIRING shift.

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Linda Molina a dit...

Very interesting points and valid I would say. The masculine destructive force has proven itself outdated. The feminine force contains within it a yearning to make this world a better place that lend to its healing abilities. Those same healing processes help the brain undergo a "rebirth" that entails a transformation of the biological makeup of the brain. Indeed individuals who have "evolved" biologically are most trusted to carry on the task of restructuring businesses and to govern nations so that we all can heal.

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