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09 mai 2012

TechMonks and Super Radiance program

Neonynos, I'd love to set up *techmonks* with you...!

Because of the nature of consciousness, and the fact that the human mind is biologically connected to consciousness, "It is possible that when a sufficient number of people believe that one thing is real, it becomes true for everyone", said Lyall Watson, who tried to make sense of supernatural phenomena in biological terms.

The idea of "a setup which would help to solve all the global issues" has already been explored by several researchers who have worked on this hypothesis, like Candace Borland, Lyall Watson, etc. Their findings have shown extremely surprising results.

In the first blog post I wrote about open government, I mentioned these results. In "Le plus intéressant à propos du Web 2.0", on September 2010, I wrote:

"Des études portant sur les effets de la conscience collective affichent des résultats fascinants. Candace Borland a découvert que lorsque le nombre de méditants d'une ville atteint 1% de la population, le taux de criminalité diminue spontanément. Ces résultats paraissent invraisemblables tant que l'on ne comprend pas que la réalité se forme dans la conscience collective. Une fois le fait admis, ces résultats deviennent fascinants et révèlent la possibilité prometteuse de rendre la réalité humaine positive et progressive." (See Candace Borland, Improved quality of city life through the transcendental meditation program)

The paper "Creating Heaven on Earth: The Mechanics of the Impossible", by Robert M. Oates, Jr., explains what is the Super Radiance program. A group of meditation radiates peace into the world. "Twelve published research studies have now shown that, ripples of orderliness and harmony radiate outward from this concentrated group of meditation experts. As the numbers at M.U.M. increase, crime, traffic accidents, fires, and war fatalities decrease. Not only do such signs of social disorder go down, but signs of coherence and progress go up."

Like every other aspect of nature— like gravity, like electromagnetism—consciousness is at basis a field, an infinite, unbounded, unmanifest reality. And waves travel this field like ripples travel the surface of a pond. Radio provides an analogy. There waves can’t be seen, but they have their effects. To put the hypothesis as compactly as possible: the human mind can bring peace to the world because the human mind is one with the world, at the most basic level.

I haven't participated in Super Radiance sessions yet. I am not an experienced meditant, but I'd to give it a try at one point.

I was thinking of doing an experimental open government projects based on this hypothesis. By asking a small number of citizens to focus on the positive side of something, instead of confrontation and criticism, instead of seeing the problem, contemplate the desired goal, it might be possible to reach unexpected results. This type of projet would not cost much (compared to what is spent on national defense), and might produce considerable effect. It wouldn't necessarily have to be champion meditants engaged for such an experiment. For instance, members of the Anonymous movement, or another group of self-selected citizens, could be used to test this hypothesis. Also, champion meditants could be matched with ordinary citizens. Group sessions could take place simultaneously in several cities spread over the world.

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I am interested in Super Radiance and am advertisin for participants - Would you care to link up to us in Ireland?

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