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30 avril 2012


Revealing the hidden aspirations, processes, and even laws of nature, underlying what the Edgeryders participants care about, probably constitutes the most pressing grand challenge, and is equally important for the development of novel robust, trustworthy and adaptive public policies, as well as guidelines for businesses, organizations and lifestyles in general.

Integrating Edgeryders content could go as far as creating a paradigm shift.

I caught here and there, a substantial amount of content which was aiming to mean that society has been lopsided because it has paid much attention to certain things, like accumulation of goods and power, acquisitive, aggressive, ambitious behavior, and less attention to the exploration of things, like nonviolence, truthfulness, absence of anger, tranquility, kindness to creatures and other human beings, limiting idle pursuits, foregiveness, absence of self-importance, to name just a few.

What struck me most in this experiment Edgeryders, are the comments of several participants, who went well beyond my wildest expectations.

What many Edgeryders participants are saying - using a wide variety of ways to express it - is that the present state of luxury and comfort of our society, our habits and ways of life and our corresponding systems, denote an absence of fire that must kindle to lift it up from the old position toward a new pattern of life, more in harmony with inner growth.

The present tangled position of the world, well described with details by Edgeryders participants, is a loud warning that reform is needed at once.

Edgeryders participants demonstrated that efforts made in politicians, thinkers, scholars, imbued with ideas that have become outmoded now, instead of improving, are making the situation worse. Only a radical change of thought and behavior, in the social and political orders would bring about healthy change.

We need now, and in the future, citizens-experts, thinkers and politicians who will look beyond the limited horizon of today, to inaugurate a new era in which spirit and matter will receive the same attention, and inner and social regeneration will be considered as important as intellectual advancement for individuals and nations alike.

It is in this state of balanced progress, that should invest the grass-roots efforts and leading personalities of our nations. What Edgeryders participants are telling us, is that as long as a disproportionate combination continues to be at the root of the condition of our world, we will continue to live on the edge of the precipice. The world will continue to be in turmoil. Edgeryders people are living on the edge of a different life, by pointing to balanced and healthy ways to build the future.

Mission reports along this line:

Michel Filippi, DES HOMMES ET DE NOTRE CIVILISATION, seeks to define a new model of human being, the Luminous Man, based on a real possibility of psycho-physical development in humans resting on a hitherto unsuspected activity of the cerebrospinal system. A model of Man toward understanding the nature and spirit of evolution and its ultimate goals. A physical evolution involving a constant process of #REGENERATION of the nervous system and the brain. An evolutionary #MECHANISM dormant in every human being.

Andres DaVila, TOWARD A GLOBAL MANAGERIAL INTELLIGENCE, recognizes that new levels of #CONSCIOUSNESS seem to be causing a change in attitudes. The creation of new discourses brings a new perception of reality which effects and leads to a dynamic of change and renewal. By seeking to bring out new levels of individual and collective consciousness, it will allow the creation of an improved discourse by forming more enriched personal and institutional realities. By training visionaries, Andres DaVila tells us that we enable to help change directly or indirectly by infusing new patterns. When changing a part of something, however small it is, the structure gets modified. In doing so, we help each other in our own #EVOLUTION, and that of others.

Jasmine Idun, OUTSIDE THE BOX, #IMAGINATION and #INTELLIGENCE are boosted by being open to learn new knowledge, to study and to talk with people.

Eimhin David, or Involute Conduit, EVERYWHERE THE SAME: A TRANSNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND GLOBAL ASPIRATION, has a vision of healing which is very advanced. He understands --- and applies in his life --- the latest discoveries of quantum physics, and he can make a connection of this knowledge with the actual model of #MEDECINE and #HEALTH, and sees how it is obsolete, and should be replaced by another more appropriate approach based on recent discoveries about the nature of matter. A turning point in our present concepts of the universe as a whole will occur when the biological relationship between expanded consciousness and the brain is understood.

Bridget McKenzie, MY STORY, has a vision of being and learning which is very much in line with the development of the inner self, through #CREATIVITY and #LEARNING, away from the the incessant whirl and distractions of society, allowing herself, her husband and their daughter, to focus on who they really are and grow beautifully.

Tiago Dias Miranda, I'VE GOT A PLAN!, is resplendent of universal love. He seeks solutions to create a world of peace, letting go of the fact the authorities are locked in their hatred and violence. He clearly sees that people's deepest desire is #PEACE.

Ampat Koshy, AUTISM VILLAGE PROJECT, seeks to create a village to help autistic children and their parents to live harmoniously by accepting their neurological differences. #DIVERSITY and #DIVERSIFICATION.

John F Moore, A VISION FOR OPEN GOVERNMENT, WORLDWIDE COLLABORATION, dreams about a true worldwide #COLLABORATION. He would like to put an end to the rivalry between political parties, and create bridges of collaboration, so that governments are aligned and that borders disappear.

Nadia El-Imam, Ela, and Alessia Zabatino, WHAT IS THE VALUE OF CULTURAL PRODUCTION, allows us to question the #REMAKING the human and introduces the concept of #TRANSHUMANISM. In this mission report, there were discussions about the quest to reveal mankind's ultimate destiny.

Lyne Robichaud, GIACOMO NERI, L'AGILETÉ QUI PERMET DE MESURER L'INCONFORT DES SITUATIONS, opens a discussion about what it means to "listen". The participant Serge Meunier describes listening as "gradually becoming an easy way to embody the #SACRED." In her series of four mission reports about the Edgeryders ambassadors, Lyne describes the fact that younger generations are very adept at what is called #COOPERATION, at tending towards #UNITY, but not in opposition with others. Cooperation is essential for the healthy functioning of our society.

Lucyanna, FAMILY LIFE - A MYTH, looks at family life, and explores love, motherhood, and even #POSTGENDERISM.

Lucyanna, DEMOCRATIC UTOPIA, speaks about a society based on a model of citizen, the #CITIZEN-EXPERT (by the way, very well described as well by Alberto Cottica), which is close to what the Edgeryders project aims for. "I dream of a perfect society where all citizens take part in the decision-making process. A modern direct democracy based on new technologies."

These are just a few. I invite Edgeryders participants to help complete this list. Thoughts?

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