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06 avril 2012

I joined ICR Canada

I recently joined the 2.0 Committee of the Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR). This research group, based in Ontario (Canada) aims to raise awareness that science is about to make a monumental breakthrough to unlock real human potential.

For some years, I have been an open government activist, hoping that this model of public management will be implanted worldwide, including in Francophone states. I proposed, in December 2010, with John F. Moore of Government in the Lab, the Open Government and Francophonie project. I firmly believe in the possibilities offered by the open government, based on transparency, participation and collaboration with citizens. However, implementation of open government is hampered by the risk aversion of policy makers, and also by the fact that government leaders are locked in an outdated model of the past.

"The world is in turmoil because our choice of the individuals who should hold the front of is an aberration," said Gopi Krishna. He added: "The day of the acquisitive, aggressive, artful, and ambitious types is almost done."

Collaboration, in the model of open government, cannot yet truly take place, citizens cannot really develop their potential within the framework of this model, if the values and attitudes of policy makers and government officials do not change. Some people believe that the current challenge would consist of persuasion of these locked individuals, which are mostly unable to leach into their closed world some idea coming from the outside. Therefore, for my part, I believe that the challenge lies elsewhere, in the transmutation of the whole personality of individuals.

While I was personally experiencing the risk aversion of government authorities, by the rejection of my ideas (I was told basically that I was wrong and did not fit within the system), something unexpected happened to me, that has completely transformed my life, and that makes me glimpse of the difficulties of implementing the model of open government with new eyes.

I discovered that there is a process that performs a complete review of the human machine to make it better compatible to become the residence of a higher intelligence, primarily of an order higher than the one we normally know. There is a biological process that aims to produce an individual as complete as possible, an innate instinct of life, which is unfolding when the barriers and inhibitions of all kinds have dissolved.

In the human body exists an extremely subtle and complex mechanism located at the bottom of the spine. This mechanism, when it is launched and brought to a rapid activity, strongly modifies the body. It operates in a period of time a marvelous transformation of the nervous system and brain, resulting in the manifestation of a higher type of consciousness, to become the common heritage of Man in the distant future. This mechanism is known as Kundalini.

"It makes one more compassionate, more sensitive, and more perceptive to the distress of others," said Gopi Krishna. "Except for a discerning few, no one cares to ponder the question whether the social and political systems are in accordance with the psychological and biological needs of human beings. Little attention has so far been given to the fact that there must be a collective instinct governing the social and political behavior of the species."

This Luminous Man, wonderfully transformed under the action of a vital force, will probably behave harmoniously in a model of open government. This Luminous Man will even transform the world, beyond our expectations.

That is why I am getting involved at ICR. Because I know now that there is a process that empowers evolution, and I want to contribute to raising awareness about this existing process. I also would like to explore its numerous applications in the various spheres of human activities, including among others, the model of open government.

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