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24 avril 2012

Feminine energy empowering evolution

In a discussion with Lucyanna about family life and gender roles, we said that equity between men and women is something that we would like to see achieved.

My model of an ideal society (experimental philosopher Michel Filippi and Edgeryders participant and I called this model the "Luminous Man") is based on the feminine energy. But that does not mean at all that women would have power over men.

The energy of life, the one that allows the human race to reproduce, fills us with love and passion, guides us (intuition): this energy is female. The same power that brings a human child into being drives it at a certain period of life to the act of procreation, and, when the time is ripe, fills it with the urge for self-awareness, as it had once filled it with erotic desire, to lead to a higher state of being.

When we really connect with this energy (which can be found in our body), we are free of ego, immoderate ambition, lust and greed for wealth. We become more ready to serve than to rule, altruistic and compassionate.

Human beings (men or women), when they awaken the feminine energy dormant in every human being develop the following traits of character:
Non-violence, truthfulness, sweetness of tongue, absence of anger, tranquillity, refraining from malicious gossip, kindness to all creatures, nonattachment to the objects of senses, mildness, abstaining from idle pursuits, sublimity, forgiveness, absence of malice and feeling of self-importance, calm, balanced.

This feminine energy leads to a perennial physical state, free of ups and downs, devoid of complexes, tensions, anxieties, neuroses, and fears, with a firm grip on the mind and body, on emotions, passions, and intractable lusts.

So you see, if we were more aware about the existence of this possibility for the human being, and if we all learned to develop its potential and process, the world would be very different from the one in which we live in now. This is how I visualize a matriarcal society, based on this feminine power, empowering humanity. How do I know that this could be a possibility for the human race?, Because there are currently many men and women in this perennial physical state. It exists. A majority of human beings could eventually evolve to show a broader and more healthy attitude toward the problem of existence, and this would change everything. The blueprint of evolution is indelibly stamped on the brain. We need only to learn how to read it in order to design our institutions and lifestyles.

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