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19 avril 2012

Music illuminates the darkness of the mind

A gypsy musician asked me on Edgeryders: "How can we smooth away towards peace?"

The world today presents a spectacle that is not at all reassuring. There is such a clash of views, such a conflict of opinions, hate, orgies of crime, violence and wars, and massacres. As the situation exists, there appears to be no way out of the present chaos and confusion.

Can anyone suggest a solution to these problems? Is there any way to bring about unity and harmony to the nations? Why is the human population drifting helplessly toward a possible disaster without raising a finger to avert it? There has occured a disorientation of the intellect, which attaches more importance to wealth, possession, or power than to life itself. The tense situation of the world cannot endure for ever. A state of saturation must come about, sooner or later, beyond which it would not be possible to proceed further. Every intelligent person who cursorily glances at the newspaper or watches television can see the deterioration and rot that has set in the world structure, leaving no area immune where one could draw a breath of relief.

The solutions can be provided by the genius and tireless efforts of a band of gifted individuals.

Creators of beautiful gypsy music can demonstrate, with their passionate and vibrant music, vibrating harmoniously with our bodies and minds, that luxury and over-abundance are not necessary for the bloom of the inner person, since the zest of life and happiness flows form the inner fountain of our being.

Music helps us travel beyond thoughts, beyond doubt, beyond pain, beyond mortality. Music illuminates the darkness of the mind as a flash of strong lightning cleaves the darkness of the night, leaving man transformed with but one glimpse of the inexpressible splendor and glory of nature.

May sublime music enlighten and bring peace to the minds of all!

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