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19 avril 2012

Quest for recognition of the authentic self at work

In "Testing the employer", Matthias (Neodynos) talked about the "authentic self" not really being recognized and encouraged at work. He said that some people "try long enough and will find the exceptional employer who accepts, even wants, their authentic self."

I imagine someone talking about this in an interview!

I looked for the English translation of the proverb "Chassez le naturel, il revient au galop." I get "The leopard can't change its spot."

Same thing in love relationships. People do not change. If a girl falls in love with a guy and thinks she can get him to become someone else over some time, it does not work. How is it that employees are not accepted by employers for what they are, as they are? (kidda unconditional love)

It always comes back to dominance.

Freedom should not be only for the few who find the perfect spot for them in the labor market, but for all employees to have sufficient space (not physical space but mind space, creative space) and confidence of their superiors. There, one comes to have to deal with flexibility vs rigidity and control; the top-down approach vs horizontal teams.

On January 16, 2011, at Gov2.0Radio, I listened to the customer service guru, John Tschohl, with his 38 years of experience, talk about 'happiness' at work. He repeated a dozen times that empowerment for business employees "generates quick decisions, saves time, reduces costs and boosts administration sales."

While John Tschohl had no time to go into details in this one hour radio show about how empowerment works, and even more complicated to explain, where does empowerment come from, as it navigates in subtle and complex mechanisms of the mind and of collective consciousness, to make a long story short, he described empowerment as being 'skills and attitude'. Both a behavior that is adopted, and abilities that are acquired with experience. Therefore, one must change behavior and ensure that it becomes a "lifestyle", he said.

I love this description of Baird T. Spalding, of empowerment that leads to radiance of the personality: "The body harmonizes itself, the soul radiates, illuminates the mind, ideas become pervasive, brilliant, vibrant, and accurate. The speech becomes positive, real, and constructive. All things fix themselves and take their true aspect." (true aspect = authentic self)

At work, it would be wonderful if this ideal was understood and that efforts were made ​​to implement this in work environments.

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