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20 avril 2012

Metareflection, imagination, intelligence and thinking outside the box

(photo: Jasmine Idun)

Most people are caught in a dizzying whirlwind of activity. We do not hear many people talk about the need to take time for 'metareflection'. I really enjoyed reading Jasmine Idun's report 'Outside the box'.

'Metareflection is important both to understand my own way of thinking and percieving and to understand others and the way they percieve, knowledge in psychology and neuroscience, as well as archaeology, makes me understand people I meet, direct, co-create with and communicate with in everyday life,' explained Jasmine.

Alberto Cottica made a joke, and said he doesn't see any image, and would like to see it before he comments!

A couple of days ago, I believe that Alberto made a fabulous breakthrough by tapping into rather unusual topics (for an economist and open collaboration expert): 'divination and foregiveness'. See 'Storytelling, Divination, Foregiveness, My most important tools and where I picked them up'.

I am very happy to encounter on Edgeryders so many participants who are aware of higher, more elevetad possibilities for the human mind, and include this in their personal and professional journey. When I read their mission reports, my face lights up and my heart leaps of joy.

For example, Eimhin David, or Involute Conduit, has a vision of healing which is very advanced. He understands --- and applies in his life --- the latest discoveries of quantum physics, and he can make a connection of this knowledge with the actual model of medecine, and sees how it is obsolete, and should be replaced by another more appropriate approach based on recent discoveries about the nature of matter. See his post 'Everywhere the Same: A Transnational Experienc and Global Aspiration."

Andres Da Vila's mission report 'Towards a global managerial intelligence' really impressed me.

French philosopher Michel Filippi is exploring diversity, neurodiversity, and constructing models of new human being, among others, with the model of a Luminous Man (based on the possibilities of evolution of the brain and of the human race brought about by Kundalini awakening): 'Des Hommes et de notre Civilisation'.

And Bridget McKenzie has a vision of being and learning which is very much in line with the development of the inner self, through creativity, away from the the incessant whirl and distractions of society, allowing herself, her husband and their daughter, to focus on who they really are and grow beautifully. See 'My Story', and the rest of her excellent mission reports.

And there is also Tiago, resplendent of universal love. He seeks solutions to create a world of peace, letting go of the fact the authorities are locked in their hatred and violence. He clearly sees that people's deepest desire is peace. 'I've got a plan!'

There is Ampat Koshy, who seeks to create a village to help autistic children and their parents to live harmoniously by accepting their neurological differences. Autism Village Project

There is John F Moore, who dreams about a worldwide collaboration. He would like to put an end to the rivalry between political parties, and create bridges of collaboration, so that governments are aligned and that borders disappear.

These are just a few. But they give us an overview of the wisdom of youth. Imagination and intelligence, thinking outside the box, like Jasmine reminds us, is what will allow us to achieve higher visions.

I am glad that so many Edgeryders participants send this strong message: there are other concerns, to which we have paid little attention so far, which should be explored. Paying attention to them is a good first step.

(Like Jasmine, I am also interested in neuroscience. I try to build bridges with science, by getting involved with the Institute for Consciousness Research.)

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