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20 avril 2012

Survive without falling into a state of worthless existence

I put my 'Paolo Coelho' hat (as Alberto Cottica might say), or my mystic hat, to ponder the question whether the social and political systems are in accordance with the physical and biological needs of human beings. Little attention has so far been given to the fact that there must be a collective instinct governing the social and political behavior of the species, as there is in every other form of gregarious life.

I am glad that Andres da Vila raised this question, in his mission report "Towards a global managerial intelligence".

The various systems of government current today are all based on arbitrary theories and doctrines, or imitations of ancient models, without any sanction from nature and without any established connection between the instinctual requirement and the pattern in force. Whether it is democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy or any other form of government, it is in no case the outcome of exhaustive study and experimentation on the part of an impartial, wise body of intellectuals. On the contrary, what we now have is a streaming broth of dynastic rule, arbitrary systems, vested interests, individual opinions, doctrines of revolutionaries, and concepts of politicians based entirely on the conclusions of the intellect, without any relevance of the cannons of nature or the laws of the global intelligence.

Proof is provided by the current politically chaotic situation. Democraties, dictatorships, oligarchies, military rules, etc., are all grappling with each other like a noisy group of wrestlers. Had the various forms of government been in accordance with the instinctual model or universal law, the puppt dance (which was beautifully described by Vinay Gupta. Ref "Fighting the Muppetocracy"), would not then be an unedifying feature of life today.

The insipid drama of forced laughter, sardonic smiles, jack in-the-box appearances before the media, behind-the-back intrigues, and other embellishments of the black art of politics (how often have I talked about the Shadow of Leadership?), which is now an inseparable ingredient of the political structure, would not be there to regale a disenchanted public now satiated with such performances.

We (humanity) have blundered in attaching excessive importance to the physical wants of man as compared to his spiritual needs. Our aims have been to surround mankind with every comfort, every facility, and every luxury we could think of or devise, leaving the soul out of count. And this effort continues to this hour. The human mind, imbued with the idea that success, high position, ease and comfort, abundance and affluence are the summum bonum of life with no higher aim, burrowing like an earthworm deep into the soil of ambition, greed, and lust for power. By no means can a mind set solely on this course if one becomes possessed with the idea that success and abundance are the only means by which one can win the battle of life.

It is not necessary to dwell more closely on the darker side.

This is what the Edgeryders are whispering gently to our ears.

The plan of nature is to evolve the brain in order to embellish the mind, and to confer a supersensory channel of perception on the race. I know what that plan of nature is, because I experience it in my body. I feel the force of re-birth. In Indian wisdom, the deity ruling human evolution is know as the Goddess Kundalini. It is a feminine power. (And by the way, we currently live in a patriarcal society. There is not even a gender equity between men and women. I read it will be reached some time, in approximately 150 years.)

Since the two aims collide, disaster threatnes the existing order to open way for nature's benevolent plan to materialize. This is exactly what our system is on the verge of: disaster.

What the Internet is doing, is that it has changed our perception of ourselves. We no longer perceive that we are a separate self, we perceive that we are all connected to each other with social media links. However, there exists invisible links that connect us to everything, that we are not aware of yet, there exists a global intelligence. Internet is helping us to become more aware of its existence.

Science is irresistibly coming to the conclusion that the observed phenomena of the physical world cannot be separated from the observer.

Edgeryders participants, via an Internet platform, are showing to the Council of Europe government organisation that they are focusing on other aims than attaching excessive importance to the physical wants. They talk about creating, sharing, learning, foregiving, etc, I described how it is possible to achieve a new physical state of consciousness, that occurs after the body undergoes a huge transformation in order to physically support higher states of consciousness.

Only the global intelligence has the operational software necessary to bring us to use our full capacity. A mind filled with this global intelligence will create harmony, unity, cooperation, understanding, and will become a vortex, a channel through which universal awareness can flow into this physical world.

What we can observe, at Edgeryders, is that these qualities and skills are being learned by youth, because these young people are tapping into the global intelligence, through their intuition and creativity. What the experimental Edgeryders project is showing us is that governments can learn to consciously manage the collective intelligence, by aligning their policies and projects on the laws of nature.

The crux of the matter is not only whether the human species will survive (the crazy ecological destruction we have done, or the nuclear age threat), but even more whether it can survive without falling into a state of worthless existence. Every human being is a helpless victim to a ceaseless inner deterioration situation on account of the pernicious political and social system. The world situation has assumed an urgency that no sensible human being can ignore any longer.

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