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20 avril 2012

Persuation, transmutation and opengov

The big challenge now, is to have managers and officials of government institutions to sit down with citizens. Some are so locked into their way of thinking that there is no space at all for new ideas.

I believe that the challenge is more than a matter of persuasion.

Current government leaders, they might be giants in intellect on one side, but they behave like children on the other side, attaching greater value to baubles of power, wealth, office or public applause, than to principles of harmony and collaboration. The minds at the top generally lack insight to make the right use of collective intelligence. Trying to persuade them might not be enough to grant them an insightful vision, and the qualities and skills that should go with it.

There has been no period in the whole of history so full of surprises and, at the same time, so filled with man-caused calamities as the current century. I continue to hope that Man will change. And this includes individuals working for governements.

I am increasingly convinced that progress must be accompanied by a growth of the mind. We have reached a tipping point: what has shaped power beforehand, should no longer apply. In this sense, I see the challenge as not being one of persuasion, but of transmutation.

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