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23 avril 2012

A central issue with which all others must have links

Uh. The mission report by Karl Guy, "What we share and how can we share?" reminds me of Nadia El Imam's discussion and her "feedback loops". We could argue endlessly, until we no longer know where to turn.

It is not easy to find ways to generate more sharing, in order to enable a larger culture of sharing.

As Karl Guy pointed out, we live in a "possession oriented thinking" society. We know that this does not combine with altruistic values​​, such as sharing.

Why is that?

Alberto Cottica made a good description, in "How I learned to share".
You should aspire to a nice apartment for yourself and your family, in which you would share with your neighbours only the staircase. If you were more affluent, even better: you were encouraged to go for an independent house, with your own fenced garden and no sharing at all."

We focus on what is separate.

Everything depends this concept.

I recently read this text from Jean Staune lately, about the theory of non-separability. This deep explanation, from a scientific point of view, answers my wildest questions, and appears to me as a solution, if we want the world to stop feeling as if separated, and modify behavior to try to feel as non-separated.
"Beyond all the practical, psychological, social, aesthetic or moral problems, the question of the nature of nature is what has always seemed to be the central issue with which all others must have links more or less tenuous, RESULTING IN THAT THEY ULTIMATELY ALL DEPEND ON IT FOR THEIR ANSWERS. Until the discovery of non-separability, there was still hope that all the paradoxical aspects of quantum mechanics would vanish when the interpretation would be replaced by other, more complete or more subtle mechanics. I know now that it will certainly not be the case, since the non-separability has experimental evidence independent of the principles of this theory. So I know with certainty that some ancient philosophical underpinnings (intrinsic reality of the physical space-time, causality, locality) of scientific representation of the universe must be changed." (My translation. Ref)
There is a pattern of life essential for mankind. There are basic factors, like sharing, which bring us closer to this pattern, and which would contribute to the harmonious progress of mankind. This may appear idealistic or even fantastic and impractical to many people. But the conclusion is unavoidable.
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