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08 mars 2012

Ampat Koshy rides on the wings of love: Autism for Help Village

When parents have to fight and advocate for their children, they find renewed hope and strength, because they love their children with every part of their being. Everyday brings unique challenges that can wear us down, or build us up. Parents of autistic children often run out to look for solutions. But parents have something very special, that any healthcare or social worker professionals cannot offer: they value differences and know a love and appreciation deeper than most.

Ampat Koshy, an assistant professor teaching English litterature, has his mind filled with poetry and love. He found wings he may have never thought he had. His son is autistic and he decided to do something to help his community by founding the Autism for Help Village He said that this is his lifetime project. He aims to bring adequate educational, therapeutic, medical, vocational, and other assistance to the unserved, autistic children/peoples, and their families and caregivers, in the communities of south India.

"You have started a trip, you have a long way to walk, many of us want to share that trip with you, we can keep learning together at the Village of Equity [the Autism for Help Village]", said Ternura Rojas, Ph.D, Pharmacist, Expert in environment/food science.

Ampat inspires others and shows children amazing and unconditional love. He is hoping that parents and caregivers will receive long-term support, acceptance, and inclusion. Let us hope that Ampat will keep dreaming, loving, sharing, finding hope and strength. We need more people like Ampat in this world!

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