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21 mars 2012

ANDREI, agility to find the right thing to say

Tall (and I stress the word tall) blond with square jaws, Andrei Trubceac exudes calmness and self-control. Perhaps he feels like screaming (see "Interview with a Romanian activist" by Noemi Salantiu), but nevertheless he stands bolt upright. He looks at you straight in the eye. Despite his tall stature, his eyes are filled with goodness, with no trace of arrogance. He's only 23, but you would be surprised at how mature he seems to be. Andrei lives in Klausenburg, Cluj, Romania, and he comes from Orhei. He is currently looking for opportunities in the field of international development, in the area of peace and conflict. See also "Anti-ACTA activists of the world, unite!" and "At the edge of conflict and mixed identity".

If someone asks him a question for which he has no answer, he will ask you politely to give him a few minutes to formulate his thoughts, without letting anything show in his expression. Thereafter, he will respond calmly, weighing every word.

Andrei is completing studies in international relations. He seems to have chosen the right discipline that really suits him. He guessed right away that he is able to embody the right direction and is equipped to help people come to agreements. Maybe I'm wrong, but he does seem to have the makings of an ambassador. He listens respectfully, and I am grateful that he is not a chatterbox. I am convinced he would not make unsubstantiated or irrelevant claims.

In addition, he has a keen eye to identify situations that lack substance. He can tell you about things which nobody has thought of before, in the most natural way. This could enable him to develop a keen sense of assessment and the ability to deal with gray or undefined zones: what it takes to juggle with ambiguity.

He can also recognize the value of people and he is capable of expressing positive comments about them.

Andrei, who calls himself @TOOLosophy on Twitter, is able to observe attentively and keep cool in various situation, while finding the right thing to do or to say. Even if he speaks with caution and discernment, he does it with flexibility, therefore he probably on his way to develop strong skills for compromise and negotiation... always useful in conflicts, wouldn't you say?

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