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20 mars 2012

TIAGO, agility to break down barriers of the mind

He has so much sweetness in the eyes that we want to blend into this haven of empathy and enjoy the freedom of being without moving. The young Tiago Dias Miranda (@normaluser) longs for peace. He is looking for solutions that would alleviate conflicts between peoples. If the authorities fail to reach an agreement, never mind, it does not stop Tiago, who realized that civilians are ready to move on and aspire only to live a life of calm and harmony. He concocted his "plan" of action and he is ready to test it. See his report "I've got a plan!".

This young designer for Social development with a beaming face is gifted to free spirits and push people to creativity. "Let yourself go, do not be afraid to dream," he will tell you. Because he knows that one must first let the imagination work in order for projects to be realized, for it is in the willingness to enter into the unknown that exists the field of all possibilities. Tiago helps people to surrender to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of life. I find it rather remarkable that Tiago, at such a young age, has developed the wisdom of uncertainty. He is not afraid to lead others to make uncertainty their way to freedom. Read his report entitled "Life Journey".

In a jiffy, he will quickly help you visualize your ideas by sketching links between them. Entrust him with some colored pens and he will lie down on paper, clearly and concisely, all that you have in mind...

Tiago has in him the essence of what it takes to help people implement change: kindness and concern for the Others, combined with a great capacity to dream (and thereby to create). Defenders of peace and other universal causes, what are you waiting for? Come and recruit him!

P.S. Note to girls: Since he is capable of universal love, he will love you as you are and for what you are. Those who are afraid to love, please refrain...

Tell us what you like about Tiago. What thoughts crossed your mind when reading his reports? Do you have something you would like to share with Tiago?

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