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05 mars 2012

John F Moore, a vision of worldwide collaboration

His drive for making society better and doing something worthwhile is bigger than his fear of failure. He has the courage to refuse to play small. Courage is contagious! One brave innovator sparks the pilot light that encourages others to think big and act bold. It takes guts to get out of the lunatic fringe where new breakthroughs are found, encourage people to write about dumb processes and bad systems that limit potential.

Meet John F Moore, founder and CEO of Government in the Lab ―, the online magazine for government and politicis across the world. He preaches that open government creates jobs. He embraces change without batting an eyelash, deals with turmoil with serene calmness. Through chaos, he always sees opportunities for action and for business. Throughout his career, it became increasingly clear to John that open communication, honest dialog, is a key component for success for all individuals, organizations, and governments.

John's vision of open government is a worldwide collaboration. He invites all to participate in making his online magazine better, by constantly requesting input and encouraging action. He has the ability to increase optimism, raise energy, and momentum: he creates movement. John enhances and disseminates knowledge created through collaborative and productive relationships locally, nationally and worldwide.

If you take the time to know John, you will find out it is time to start dreaming again, test new ideas, try new things and challenge the status quo. And even be wrong.

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