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31 octobre 2010

Chris Moore invited to Adriel Hampton’s Gov20Radio

Chris Moore

Exceptionaly, because it's Halloween on Oct. 31, Gov20Radio' show will air earlier, in the morning.

Be at the rendezvous, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, to hear Chris Moore, chief information officer (CIO) of the City of Edmonton, talking about cultural change in municipal agencies, open innovation in government IT, and collaborating across the globe to put best practices into action.

On the eve of this radio interview, I thought it would be good to do an overview of the coverage of the conference Beyond 2010 in traditional media and social media.

In general, I find that there was little coverage of the conference Beyond 2010.

Because government 2.0 is still an embryo in Canada, events of this nature should be more visible in the media.

The coalition of open cities would also benefit from being more promoted. There should be more solidarity among members (cities) of the coalition. CIOs and other municipal employees should relay information on Twitter, and others medias.

Below are some mentions, but this list is not exhaustive.

The Conference
On October 24, the webcasts were added to the conference' Web site. Those who were unable to attend, or those who wish to review the presentations, may do so at any time.

The BeyondDaily, posted on Twitter, gathers some daily news, photographs or references about the conference. Follow @Chrisj_Moore on Twitter, or search for #Beyond2010 Daily.

The speakers are presented on the Web site. It would be interesting to publish a written account of each presentation, highlighting the main points and ideas, references and best quotes.

A photo presentation would also certainly be appreciated on the Web site.

Traditional media
The Edmonton Journal reported about the conference on October 18, 'Techies map out future Beyond 2010'.

I was told that the event made the front page of the 24 Daily Newspaper, and that CTV and Global TV also spoke about Beyond 2010. I remember that Chris Moore was interviewed after the conference (though I cannot find the link).

On October 24, Gov20Radio presented a radio show entitled ‘Open Gov West and Beyond 2010’. Adriel Hampton provided an overview of the event. He talked about his impressions of his own conference. You will find the main elements of his presentation in this post, 'Today and Tomorrow That Might Be', from his blog 'Wired to Share'.

Beyond 2010 will be discussed on Gov20Radio for a second consecutive week on October 31.

Jordan Hodges described the special ambiance and strong links that have been developed, in particular via Empire Avenue, at Beyond 2010. See Alifeintheday, 'Connections (Beyond2010 #, # AVE, # Tweetups)'.

I started blogging about Beyond 2010 before the conference took place: ‘Everything will change, Tout va changer’ (this post has not been translated in English).

I wrote a wrap-up of the even in my post ‘Au-delà d’un colloque: Beyond 2010’ English translation: ‘Beyond a conference: Beyond 2010’. I also wrote about the importance of giving visibility to the coalition of open cities, or G4/G5. See: 'Post-Beyond 2010: Promouvoir et développer le G4’. English translation: 'Post-Beyond2010: Promoting and developing the G4’.

I did not find a set of photographs of the conference on Flickr. It would be useful if this conference was visible on Flickr. On could access all pictures available on this platform. All users having posted photographs of Beyond 2010 could be invited to share them in a common set or collection. I mentioned a few Flickr users in this post (French, English): Lance Taylor, Adriel Hampton, Allie Wojtaszek, Lyne Robichaud, but there must be others. A preliminary research about Beyond2010 on Flickr reveals a few users. Groups: Girl Geek Dinners YEG, The Dragon's Cave. Photographers: Paul_Clarke, Event with Me (covering the event in Birmingham).

Maximize information and produce new content
In addition to consolidating existing content, it would be very useful and important to develop new content. As I mentioned in a previous post, regarding the coalition of G4/G5, a coherent portfolio of all content about current gov2.0 projects would be helpful. Why not transform the Beyond 2010 Web site into a information vertical portal, which would provide a window about the conference, track speakers and their projects, and monitor issues and development of government 2.0 throughout Canada and around the world?

And I also would like to add: we are in Canada, a country with two official languages. If possible, it would be useful and beneficial to dissemination of government 2.0, if the information was broadcasted in two languages, English and French.

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