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26 novembre 2010

Flirtation and love are back at Phoenix’s Nest (EAv)

Our society is going through a structural crisis in gender relations. See my blog post 'Eros Bendato et les médias sociaux'.

We live in a society where marriage is declining, divorce explodes, celibacy extends and monoparental families are increasing.

This week, a new discussion thread has been created at Phoenix's Nest: 'Active directory of couples and secret lovers on Empire Avenue'.

Phoenix’s Nest has always been an exploratory territory. I would like this community to explore it all, talk about these issues, think, analyse.

A) There is a need to revalue love-friendship, one that does not try to live continuously in a torrid untenable love over time, that accepts the highs and lows, and above all that does not seek a merger stifling of the individual that kills in the long run.

B) Women, like men, can have a ferocious sexual appetite. They have not become so because of feminism. Women only claim the fact that they can be the same as men. As a member of the community pointed it out earlier this week, society has not given the right to woman to have a sexual appetite. It has just been admitted that women have a sexual appetite, just like any human being.

C) There is this idea that if we invest everything in the love relationship, it somehow becomes the pinnacle of success. By doing so, we overload the boat. Hope is so great that at the slightest disappointment, we leave.

D) What matters most is not to love, but to love better. If someone wants to build something, intensity should not be the only thing involved, a pact should be establish with time.

What impact and role could social media have on the structural crisis of gender relations? Can social media help to love better?

A member of the community said this week: "The truth is I like the online company."

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