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21 novembre 2010

LETTER TO DUPS*: Level 6 of consciousness on EAv

Last month, there was a mass exodus of users on Empire Avenue. We ALL felt a deep loss of meaning. Spamming was an issue.

Does the Empire Avenue team listen to loud voices that rise from EAv users? Is this team capable of adjusting it's action plan? I'm wondering...

This week, Empire Avenue launched a new messaging device, introducing mass communications (to shareholders).

A month ago, I asked Empire Avenue for mass communication tools, but geared towards facilitating community networking. I personally don't care about any 'Buy me' message. Everyone wants that on Empire Avenue! What is the point of mass communicating this? Or 'Have a good week-end' message. Well thanks. But I don't have time to read this on a daily basis. Receiving dozens of this kind of messages weekly: in a very short period of time, you end up being annoyed. (My opinion) The new mass communication device reinforces the exodus' message coming from EAv users that left last month. (My prediction) It is the best way to lose more players.

Empire Avenue is not just a game. It is also a powerful networking tool. People are not all alike. Society is composed of a variety of people. Diversity. Some people eventually get tired of the superficial. Quest for meaning in life: it also exists on Empire Avenue.

What could develop individual empowerment and strengthen links? What would add challenge to players?

What happens once a player reaches the top? Women who get there, I noticed they get bored after a month! Maybe that is because women don't think like men. How many women are there in the Empire Avenue team? Women see things differently. It's a proven reality. So this probably affects how women play the game and their perception of Empire Avenue.

'I think my disappointment comes from the slow realization that the way it works right now is to continually upgrade... which means continually spending actual money', Allie Wojtaszek told me.

Human beings can experience seven different levels of consciousness. Wall Street gaming (on Empire Avenue) corresponds to a Level 2 of consciousness.
Level 2 (the reactive mode) >>> Your achievement in life is based on success, power, authority, prestige and other rewards of the ego. This is the mode that creates our identity. Beyond mere survival, everyone seeks to meet the needs of the I, me and mine. You want to succeed and you realize yourself by competing with others.

Most big Empire Avenue eavers are creators, which corresponds to a Level 5 of consciousness.
Level 5 (the creative mode) >>> Your achievement in life is based on inspiration, the development of artistic or scientific creativity, and passion of discovery. You keep inventing new goals, new concepts, and to discover new facts. This creativity seems to spring from nowhere - the unknown simply generates new thoughts. It is the inspiration. You are amazed by the beauty and complexity of life.

Top eavers are creators. Click on the following links to read their biography. Allie Wojtaszek @allie (e)ALLIE; Chris Latko @clatko (e)CLATKO; Adriel Hampton @adrielhampton (e)ADRIEL; Lance Taylor @lancetay (e)RANGER; Lyne Robichaud @Lyne_Robichaud (e)PAPIER. William Pitcher (e)RZR is a talented photographer.

Yesterday, Cindy Smith @reigny (e)REIGN posted this article on Facebook about 'Survival of the kindest' (Level 6 of consciousness)

'In a wide range of studies, social scientists are amassing a growing body of evidence to show we are evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive.' Science is moving closer to spirituality. Scientists now say that 'empathy is in our genes'.

Level 6 (the visionary mode) >>> Your achievement in life is based on compassion, dedication to others and the universal love.

'Studies show that bonding and making social connections can make for a healthier, more meaningful life.'

The Empire Avenue team should be aware of this reality, and incorporate it in its developing plan. It's OK to continue to improve a Level 2 of consciousness. But there should also be brainstorms and actions geared towards development of a Level 6 of consciousness on Empire Avenue. Because human beings from all over the world are networking via Empire Avenue. And because were are not all standing at Level 2.

Ex-Top People Shares (No.1) on Empire Avenue left a month ago to focus on fundraising. Allie Wojtaszek @allie (e)ALLIE volunteers for fundraising. Chris Latko @clatko (e)CLATKO has more than 240,000 Twitter followers. That's a Level 6 of consciousness! More Level 6: Adriel Hampton @adrielhampton (e)ADRIEL disseminates gov2.0 information worldwide with @Gov20Radio and his sophisticated systems of multiple digital identities. William Pitcher (e)RZR is a pro in fundraising campaigns. And whenever I open my mouth, I keep talking about empowerment, collective intelligence and collective consciousness.

Follow global trends! Gov2.0 now has a Global Citizenship track.


* Dups is the kickname for Duleepa Wijayawardhana, CEO of Empire Avenue and social media expert

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lance.rangerbob a dit...

Check out my Blog on the subject here:

Social Media Economics 101

Oh yeah, I found another new Social Media indexing site today on the Net. In Alpha right now. Check it out.!/goscorely

Karen S a dit...

I certainly agree with Allie's comment, and feel ... growing disappointment or perhaps frustration is a better word.


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