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24 novembre 2010

Removing limitation leads somewhere (EAv)

I am not afraid of talking about collective consciousness: it is one of my main subjects in my blog L'Ère du temps. Consciousness exists, it is a physical state of being. A percentage of human beings are experiencing this physical state (but all can reach it), and it has nothing to do with 'religion'. However, it is associated to positive thoughts.

Removing the conditioning and limitations of the mind allows for an awakening of consciousness.

I am hoping that the removal of limitation in a social medial will lead to an awakening of collective intelligence.

Two days ago, an important change occured on Empire Avenue. See this post by Duleepa Wijayawardhana (e)DUPS, 'Freedom to expand'.
'As of today, these upgrades (which expanded the number of shares available) will happen automatically, without cost and infinitely.' [...] 'Empire Avenue is a great game which is also a social network tool for creating value-based relationships. [...] Putting artificial roadblocks towards the creation of those networks no longer seemed to be valid, useful, or fun.'

Ty Pennington

Today, I did something I had never felt the need before: I changed my name for Lyne 'Ty' Robichaud (Ty, for Ty Pennington) on Empire Avenue. Because Ty is always yelling into a megaphone. I want to yell louder than the current 'high degree of frustration' pointed out by John Moore (e)JOHNM.

I looked in the dictionary. The word 'frustration' means 'the condition of being frustrated'. 'Frustrated' means 'to cause feelings of discouragement'. To fight this condition, what would be required?

Someone wrote yesterday: 'No longer convinced that Empire Avenue is going anywhere'.

I cannot change the individuals.

But I can change my leadership (as Phoenix's Nest community-administrator). I can become an agent of change. I can try to persuade others to adopt a positive attitude. I can mobilise people around an idea or a vision. I can gather ambassadors of good will and encourage them to have fun together on Empire Avenue.

I can at least try to lessen the degree of discouragement.

'Leadership' defines an individual's ability to lead or lead other individuals or organizations in order to achieve certain goals. A leader is someone who can guide, influence and inspire.

A leader is different from a manager or a decision maker, which has capabilities for administration, without leading the group, organization or country to another stage of its development.

Competencies (or qualities) that are found in leaders include vision, strategy, persuasion, communication, trust and ethics.

'Fearless Leaders, you must focus on achieving goals. You must inspire those around you to achieve their goals,' wrote John Moore in 'Fearless Leaders….Are you out there?'

On Empire Avenue, do we have collective goals? Perhaps it is for this reason that some of us feel the site is not going 'anywhere'. A lack and/or definition of goals and vision? And a lack of collective consciousness?

Are the goals set by the Empire Avenue team clearly defined? Are these goals widely communicated/explained to users? Groups of users could also define sub-goals (for their communities) and try to achieve them.

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