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05 novembre 2010

Gov2.0 Goes to Paris? Youth Summit G8/G20

A window of hope opened this week, when @YouthDiplomacy mentioned an interest in a gov2.0 experimental project, at the upcoming Youth Summits G8/G20.

It would be good news.

Because those who participate in the Youth Summits are youths, students: our future, so to speak. Having the opportunity to inform these people about government 2.0 is like laying the groundwork for the future.

The Youth Summit G8/G20 is a leading youth international conference, which brings together young leaders, representing the Group of Eight (G8) and the Group of Twenty (G20), to facilitate discussion regarding international affairs, promote intercultural understanding and build friendships worldwide. In addition, the Youth Summits G8/G20 offers young people the freedom to express their thoughts and propose creative solutions.

And this is what governement 2.0 precisely is, a creative solution, a model of good governance.

I sincerely hope that YouthDiplomacy France, having been appointed as the Organizing Committee of the Youth Summit G8/G20, which will be held in Paris from May 29 to June 3 2011, will respond to this tweet.

A dual purpose:
1) Inform young audiences about gov2.0, and discuss global issues of gov2.0 implementation;
2) Maximize networking opportunities, in order to develop government 2.0 and conquer 'new markets'.

It would be possible to create a working committee, or a kind of platform consisting of informal links, which would allow for sharing of ideas and holding brainstorming sessions with "experts" in this field: young, enthusiastic, determined, brilliant and articulated people, which contribute everyday to government 2.0 advancement.

We can help YouthDiplomacy analyze and plan what would be the best ways of presenting this important new public management trend to young people from around the world.

I am convinced that this form of governance, based on collaboration and participation, and providing empowerment to citizens, should inspire young delegations of upcoming Summits. And maybe it will create enthusiasm for government 2.0. Will a gov2.0 track be integrated in other international organisations as well?

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